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Estate & Trust Topics Q & A

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one not only brings with it sadness and a feeling of loss, the tax code makes it even worse.  In the past many years, the tax issues surrounding proper planning for one's own passing as well as others, creates a level of complexity that seems unfair, and often burdensome.  There is so much to consider, and without proper direction, the oversignts or confusion in what options are available, can actually affect your loved ones left behind.

Please plan ahead, make the decision to put "things in place", so your wishes are followed and your beneficaries know what to expect.  Create a trust, review your trust and estate plan, make sure your trustee and/or executor are capable of the responsbilities, consider your long-term care needs and manage your current financial security, to keep things as simple as possible in what should not be a complex event.


Death of a Taxpayer

Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, and Transfer of Assets

Estate Tax (Form 706)

Gift Tax

Personal Representatives - Estates